Project Development & Organizational consulting, ecological nutrition concepts

In 2006, Hermann Scharnagl wrote about Norbert Walter:

Norbert Walter, born in 1946, a multi-talented professional, discovered his talent for cooking at an early age. Already at the age of eight, he served the astonished family a multi-course meal. Since 1983, owner and chef of the vegetarian restaurant Radieschen on the island of Wangerooge and from 1996 in Darmstadt-Eberstadt, which has become famous beyond the Rhine Main region. Magic attraction for gourmets and „sweet tooth“ from the „Swabian Sea“ to the North Sea.

After moving to Darmstadt in 1995 and opening the radish in Darmstadt. In 1998, the radish on the North Sea island closed its doors.

To the great regret of all guests. The radish in Darmstadt is more than just a restaurant. Here, prominent politicians and well-known athletes sit next to students and loyal regulars from the neighbourhood. They all appreciate the refined vegetarian gourmet cuisine, as well as the special atmosphere that the food and cooking philosopher ("as long as you do not do things you cannot imagine“) attaches great importance to: "The radish is open to all. Here, people are supposed to exchange views and discover similarities in an enjoyable meal. "

His concept works, and since crazy cattle, contaminated eggs and junk meat scandals have spoilt more people's appetite, his concept has gained even more attraction. No wonder that even large broadcasters are interested in Norbert Walters holistic concept in theory and practice in a corresponding format, because the networked thinking and practicing restaurant owner and chef has even more to offer:

He also works nationwide even in our neighbouring countries Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg, as a project developer and organisational consultant for future-oriented, ecological nutrition concepts, among others. With curative education institutions who see nutrition as a crucial component of their work. In addition, the practical nutritionist supplies kindergartens and schools, government institutions and some well-known companies. Last but not least, Norbert Walter has been breaking new ground for several years with the training of vegetarian cooks.

That was in 2006.



Joint leadership of the company

"Radishes Vegetarian Restaurant & Catering" and the affiliated management consultancy for future-oriented nutrition concepts with Angelika Jutta Koerbler, my wife and partner. It was also she who gave me the courage and confidence to restart and develop, the initiative for changing training in the nutritional professions that had already begun in 2006.

After a period of maturity, the competent bodies also started to grow.



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» Chefs Trophy Gewinner Gerhard Beck über die Vegetarische Zusatzqualifikation 



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Erster bundesweite Zertifikatslehrgang in der Weiterbildung “Vegetarische und vegane Küche”

Pressemitteilung DIHK – “Zertifikatslehrgang mit Biss” 

»Instructors of restaurant professionals cooks.

»Member of the examination committee of the cooks for the IHK Darmstadt

»Member of Vocational Training Committee BBA DEHOGA Hessen

Member of the DEHOGA expert team for the reorganisation of the catering trade training in the Federal Republic of Germany



On January 1, 2019, we handed over the Radieschen company to our employees in order to dedicate ourselves to the vocation on nutritional ecology as part of our "State of the food" initiative.

At the request of the new management of the company Radieschen, we will accompany you for some time in an advisory capacity.

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