It started in the early 70s. After the end of the so-called economic miracle, responsible people started putting their environment above their own well-being.

That's how the age of the ecos began.

Mad men in wool socks and health shoes - they were initially perceived and laughed at. 

Today everybody talks about bio, ecology, sustainability and social and economic responsibility.

Many who have hitherto worked only on their prosperity are turning to:

Only when we act holistically, ecologically and responsibly, will we all be well in the long term.

Welcome to the club!

But it's not about isolated ideologies or screwed world projections from the eco-recess, but about a way of life in which we are careful with the creation - and that's where we find our self-esteem. It is an orientation that many have lost on their way through career, power and money. Few, however, who found ecological responsibility at the beginning of the 1970s, have remained true to themselves and their movement to this day. They now pass on their knowledge in advisory positions. Careers can also be forged when dealing with ecological sustainability!

Offer a benefit, be true and work on the basis of a socially acceptable market economy.

For us, who have been dealing with this topic for decades, the topics of organic and ecologic matters are a matter of course in the immediate context of our diet: Responsible treatment of people and sustainable management with resources are treasures that have accompanied us from the beginning. Perhaps, like a wanderer walking too fast, we are a few steps ahead of the rest of the group.

We call it future-oriented!

This proved, among other things, the extent of the banking crisis, the cause of which resulted from a completely opposite understanding of values.

That is our task:

To accompany people and companies in a future-oriented diet.

Because this is our will - no more and no less - there are always going to be many of us.

Norbert Walter May 20, 2010

In recent years, we have accompanied kindergartens and schools, many companies, socio-educational institutions and federal education centres on the way to a forward-looking, the individual, institutions and businesses fair.

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